Winnie the Pooh
Birudan Washi Print with Decorative Japanese Cedar Frame (balloon)

When held up to the light, warm bubbling balloon and imagery evocative of the world of Pooh Bear subtly shine through this carefully layered washi design craft, offering a deeper glimpse into the classic world Winnie the Pooh world.
The frame is crafted from Japanese cedar, giving off a subtle warmth that surrounds the clear acrylic window, snugly encasing your Birudan washi print.

¥9,800 (excludes tax)
  • Size : [Frame]W310×D310×H30
  • Material : Birudan Washi, Japanese Cedar
  • Norikazu Minato

    In 2005, Norikazu Minato founded the renowned order-made furniture store “Minato Furniture,” and since then has been involved in everything from the buying and selling of furniture, to developing new methods and avenues for utilizing wasted timber resources, as well as creating the prototypes necessary for timber-based product commercialization. He serves as the project design and production lead on the Wappa Project, as well as chief crafting supervisor for the Kumiki Project.
  • Takakuni Kawahara

    Birudan Washi Paper, along with Gokayama Washi and Yatsuo Washi, is one of only 3 traditional washi-style paper producers in the Echu Region of northwestern Japan to be officially designated by the Cabinet Minister of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as an honored traditional craft back in 1988. Currently the sole successor of the Birudan Washi Paper crafting tradition, Takakuni Kawahara, studied under the renowned master, Torakichi Yoneoka, prior to his retirement in 2002. Birudani Washi Paper has won numerous awards and accolades for its superior and masterful craftsmanship both nationally and abroad.