Mickey & Minnie (1930's)
Fine-cut Edo Kiriko Glass Set

The glass-cutting handicraft of Edo Kiriko has been an icon of Japanese craftsmanship since the mid-1800’s, making this glass set depicting the 1930’s renditions of classic Mickey and Minnie a uniquely suitable and special fusion of art and tradition.
This glass set makes for a perfect gift, as well as feels right-at-home on your own kitchen table.

¥12,000 (excludes tax)
  • Dimensions : φ88×H98
  • Volume : 300ml
  • Includes : wooden storage box
  • Kimoto Glass Tokyo

    Based in Tokyo, Kimoto Glass operates as the general producer for Kiriko Glass craftsmen in order to develop products that meet the needs and suit the tastes and styles of each new generation, in turn allowing the unmatched craft of Kiriko Glasswork to persevere by cultivating successors and masters with the know-how needed in order to carry on the craft for generations to come.