Winnie the Pooh
Takaoka Aluminum Ice Cream Spoon (Vanilla Type)

Crafted from high-grade aluminum magnesium alloy (15.0%), the spoon’s exceptional heat conduction transfers the warmth of your hand directly through the spoon to make for the most scoopably perfect ice cream!
Winnie the Pooh is engraved into the reflective surface of the handle with stylish precision, making snack time all the more fun.

¥5,800 (excludes tax)
  • Dimensions : W105×D26×H14
  • Weight : 40g
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Finish : Reflective finish
  • Design : Terada Naoki
  • Lemnos Inc.

    Based in Toyama Prefecture in northwestern Japan, originally focused primarily on designer clocks, establishing itself as an independent entity allowed Lemnos to branch out to include collaborative design works across an array of top-quality lifestyle products.In addition to their wide recognition as a pioneer clock brand, Lemnos also produces the popular "15%" ice cream spoon series, as well as widely renowned "SHIROKANE" tinware brand products.