Indoor-Use Sandals Knit with the Ingenuity of Grandma

All the comfort of Japanese ‘zori’ style house-sandals colorfully knit to depict your favorite Disney characters.

¥8,800 (excludes tax)
  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Size : Adult 23-25cm
  • *Should your indoor-use sandals become dirty through regular use, lightly apply laundry detergent and gently hand-wash soiled area. *Because this is an entirely handmade product, please note that some units may slightly differ in size. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • MERI

    These fine knit house-sandals came about through the collaboration of a premier knit products producer and a dedicated 'zori' style sandal craftsman in 2009.Blending the cozy feeling of zori-style sandals and the comfort of top-quality hand-knit products, in 2012 MERI was conceived in order to make the most of this pure comfort and simple design. MERI products are now available in many of Japan's premier department stores and botique lifestyle product shops.Featured in Paris' Maison et objet in 2013, MERI sandals have since gone on to feature on store shelves across France, Italy, Taiwan, and Singapore.