Winnie the Pooh
Takaoka Brass Winnie the Pooh Wind Chime

Take to the skies with Winnie the Pooh! Dancing through the air like a scene pulled straight from the the pages of the original storybook, these individually hand lathe-crafted brass wind chimes resonate with the cool, soothing sounds of a gentle afternoon breeze.

¥6,900 (excludes tax)
  • Material : Brass
  • Color : Gold
  • Size (metal section) : H4.2×φ4.8
  • Nousaku

    The Nousaku corporation began in 1916 as a manufacturer of tools and items related to traditional Buddhist aesthetic practices, utilizing the region of Takaoka's rich 400 year history of casting techniques. Fusing an array of masterful casting techniques in order to create entirely new, out-of-this-world artisinal products, Nousaku continues to redefine and expand the art of casting with each new creation.With its origins in traditional Buddhist ritual tools, tea ceremony items, and flower pots, Nousaku has since expanded into tableware, interior furnishings, lighting, and construction hardware. In recent years, Nousaku's factories have developed to integrate the sand metal molding techniques cultivated by their predecessors with the silicon casting methods of today, and are currently active in the research and development of casting-related product development for entirely new industries, such as medical.Always striving to do better, Nousaku continues to make designs that push the boundaries of both their techniques and materials to their very limits, crafting handmade products that the local people of the Takaoka region can be proud of.Making better casting, better.