Amami Island Natural Tsumugi Broach

Hand-woven and naturally dyed using soils straight from the very earth of Amami Island, this unique method for deriving an array of colors through natural dyes has been in practice for over 1,000 years on this small island in the south of Japan.
The cool monotone world of Classic Minnie is stylish on its own, but really comes to life when partnered with the Mickey Broach, making it a great gift for couples, kids, friends, and family members.

¥5,300 (excludes tax)
  • Material : Original Amami Island Tsumugi-style Weave
  • Size : W50×D60×H25
  • Hara Kinuorimono Co / st+to

    Hara Kinuorimono Co. is a traditional Oshima Tsumugi Weave maker based in Amami Island. In order to preserve the craft of the Oshima Tsumugi Weave, they have expanded their product line to include a range of both traditional and modern products. st+to(suh-toh) is the design unit comprised of Shizuka Tatsuno and Kawato Rika, the talented design duo dedicated to sharing with the world Japan's strength and beauty through new, innovative designs.